A Week With the Legendary Sonia Sanchez


Earlier this year I wrote about Sister Sonia Sanchez’s visit to Penn State University as the Institute for the Arts and Humanities’ 2013 Distinguished Visiting Professor. With much credit due to the considerable assistance and resources provided by Penn State’s Media Tech, Knowledge Commons, and the Digital English Studio, a full video recording of Sister Sanchez’s performance with Ronnie Burrage’s World Jazz Harmony Ensemble is now available.

In some future time and venue, I will surely have more to say about the lectures, readings, and performance that Sanchez gave during her weeklong visit. For now, I’ll let the film speak for itself.

I owe a profound debt of gratitude to Sister Sanchez for visiting our campus and to all of the people who helped make that event possible. The week offered an extended encounter with a revered literary elder and provided an opportunity to absorb the wisdom and experience that roots her work in black American history, life, and culture.